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Talat marie

Talat Marie & Sons Co. (TMSC), TMSC was established in 1958 and its core business is the distribution of cigarettes, tobacco, and all smoking needs.
The commercial department covers the distribution of locally made cigarettes for the domestic market for international brands (Philip Morris, BAT, and JTI). TMSC is considered the second-largest distributor in Jordan. It also oversees the distribution of imported tobacco &  accessories products like cigars, lighters, roll-your-own,  pipe tobacco, tobacco accessories, and charcoal with our own brand (Al-Afandi) in Jordan, duty-free and west bank. TMSC is considered the largest company in Jordan in this field. Currently, the company represents the following international firms
Scandinavian tobacco group (STG), Swedish Match – North America /USA (General Cigars), S.A Republic Technology France, Cricket lighter – Holland, Tab Clara Cigar – Spain, Swicher, Arnold Andre Cigar Company Germany
TMSC is also responsible for importing, assembling, designing, distributing, and re-exporting Water pipes (Shisha) and accessories. 
TMSC owns and manages a fleet of 65 vans covering more than 9,000 selling points in Amman and major cities in Jordan. The company covers nearly 55% of all POS and more than 80% of the main POS in Jordan

Eastern Tobacco & Cigarettes Company (ETCC), ETCC is one of the largest cigarette producers in Jordan. It gained its manufacturing experience from being the sole manufacturer for Imperial Tobacco for over 15 years. Now ETCC produces its own tobacco brands Centro and Marseille Cigarettes and exports to several countries. 
The company applies the most sophisticated international specifications for all of its production activities. 
ETTC also manufactures for third party brand owners, and provides the flexibility and stability to be able to provide third party contactors their specific needs.

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Eastern Tembec & Tobacco Est. (ETTE), ETTE was established in 1981, and is responsible for producing and exporting all tobacco products except cigarettes. It is mainly specialized in the manufacturing of molasses (Shisha tobacco). The company owns the brands Al-Sultan., Flame, Luxor, Crystal, Afandi and Arabica.
ETTE currently export its products to more than 60 countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

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