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Manufactured Products


The two sister companies, Eastern Tombac & Tobacco Est. (ETTE), and Eastern Tobacco & Cigarettes Co. (ETCC) are responsible for producing and exporting tobacco products.


ETTE mainly focuses on We Manufactured shisha tobacco, owing the brands:



Al-Sultan                                                                                                  Two Apples

Afandi                                                                                                       Margarita

Flame                                                                                                        flame                                                                           


Shisha is the word applied to flavored hookah tobacco. The term 'shisha' can also be used to describe to a hookah pipe. Our extensive hookah tobacco selection includes everything from traditional Jordanian flavors like the world-famous AL sultan Double Apple to current hookah flavors like Margarita produced with French tobacco.
Shisha experts in the Middle East produce excellent and tasteful blends by combining fresh tobacco leaves with honey, flavoring, and other components. Hookah tobacco produces a thick, smooth vapor that is rich in flavor and can continue for hours.
Browse through our shisha tobacco flavors to find your favorite shisha tobacco. If you have any queries regarding the tastes or would like some recommendations, please contact our hookah expert. ETTE also manufactures other flavors upon request. 




Produced Products


ETCC is responsible For We Manufactured premium quality cigarettes. ETCC currently owns two brands, Centro and Marseille, with different SKU’s, with 3 more brands to follow. The tar and nicotine percentages are adjustable to meet market needs and specifications. 




Centro Red – Full flavor                                                             centro red

Centro Blue – Light                                                                     Centro Blue

Centro Silver – Ultra light                                                         Centro Silver



Marseille Red – full flavor                                                          Mirseille red

Marseille Blue -medium flavor                                               Mirseille Blue


Marseille Gold – Light                                                                Mirseille Gold


Marseille Silver – Ultra Light                                                    Mirseille Silver





Distributed Products


Talat Marie & Sons Co. (TMSC) is responsible for distributing all tobacco-related products that are either locally produced or imported in Jordan, duty-free, and West bank. TMSC currently represents and distributes the products of the following international brands:


Philip Morris                                                                                            phillp

BAT                                                                                                             bat


JTI                                                                                                            jti




TMSC oversees the distribution of imported tobacco & accessories products like cigars, lighters, roll-your-own, pipe tobacco, tobacco accessories and charcoal. Currently, the company represents the following international firms:.




Alfakher                                                                                          alfakher                                                   

Scandinavian tobacco group (STG)                                      scand


Cricket lighter – Holland                                                                    cricket



Tab Clara Cigar – Spain 



Swisher                                                                                                swicher



Arnold Andre Cigar Company - Germany                          arnold



Swedish Match – North America /USA (General Cigars)         switch


S.A Republic Technology France                                                       republic


Responsible for importing, assembling, designing, distributing and re-exporting of Water Pipe (Shisha) and accessories. We are considered a major exporter of these products to many countries around the world. TMSC is the largest in Jordan and the region in this field.